Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Silver Linings Playbook

I'm not feeling work today. At ALL.

I thought about calling ToriNot and making up some really awesome, colorful excuse as to why I couldn't come in today. But the truth is that my stories have a tendency to get out of hand, and I'm trying to be a little bit better about giving family members horribly shocking ailments like spinal cancers and strokes just to get out of work for a few days.

I know. I'm a horrible person and I'm going to hell.

For the record, though, I've never been asked to show proof. I know you were wondering.

In any case, I'm at my desk, totally phoning it in. Literally. Right now I'm sitting on a conference call on mute. They don't really need me - ToriNot just wants me here. But it's great because the headset is warding off potential interruption as I write to the antagonizing drone of her seemingly endless "nobody-really-cares-about-our-HVAC-problems-until-it-blows-up" rant. (She was on call for one of our 24/7 facilities over the weekend, got drunk, and failed to respond to a serious HVAC problem for 14 hours. She's trying to make it someone else's problem, but nobody is buying it. Since customers weren't affected, I'm just gleeful at the mess of trouble she's caused herself!)

I felt like writing, so I logged into my Goodreads page, knowing that it needed an update, and ended up writing this review of Silver Linings Playbook.

Then, I remembered this dear, sweet blog and I realized how much life has changed since I last wandered in. Here, then, a few updates:

JQ fought through an INSANE labor to give birth to BabyE on May 18th, 2012. I'm sure she still remembers.
The very next day, on May 19th, 2012, Westley and I got married in a small ceremony on the banks of the Cooper River in Collingswood. It was beautiful and I wouldn't trade it for the world.
Around the same time, though I don't know the date, Riptide and his partner of many years had a private, secret civil union ceremony on the beach in Cape May, NJ. Riptide is LittleT's uncle who lived closeted for a very long time. I can't tell you how much joy it brings me that he can now live openly with his husband, even though I continue to lament the sad state of affairs in New Jersey that the state still will not recognize their union as the marraige that it is.
On June 9th, 2012, Westley won a Best Supporting Actor award for his role in BCF's The Foreigner. Frankly, the show swept the awards with a win in nearly every category - including Best Director for Red.
On July 9th, Westley and I got away from it all with a trip to the Poconos for our honeymoon. We made it back just before...
Funnyman and HeyTeach got married in the traditional fashion (church, hotel ballroom, tons of food) on July 13th, 2012. It was a huge and joyous occasion!
In August, I broke ground on the only exciting project to ever come out of my day job - a 48,ooo sq. ft. expansion to my office building! This project would take over my life by the middle of October.
T got fired. She totally doesn't care. We've been in touch since and she's got a better job, making more money. She also now has a second baby, and a fiance.
September 5th, 2012: The Day Westley's Joy Died upon discovering that what he was suffering from was an acute case of Celiac's disease. He has been gluten-free ever since.
On October 5th, 2012, I returned to the stage as an actor in the timeless "Sure Thing" and the silly "Fidelity Farce", all while directing a cerebral little piece called "Caught in the Act." I'll never say never, but I think my theatre tooth is satisfied for a good long while.
October through January is a blur of contractors, drywall, electricians, holidays, and politics, politics, politics! One hell of an election year.
January 22nd was the official opening of our new office building. My beautiful building was quickly beaten to the submission of the new tenants.
In February, my theatre friends and I suffered a huge loss as one of our dear friends, who had valiantly beaten cancer into remission twice in previous years, finally succumbed to the disease, leaving three young men - a wonderful husband and two sons - to cope without her. It would be a very difficult year for our community, as Kris, sadly, became the first of 4 great losses. One day, I am going to write a book about her and how amazing she was. For now, suffice it to say that she has been sorely missed.
Inspiring love with her last breath, Kris brought one of my favorite couples together. After watching Kris and her husband, Tom fight the disease for so long, then Tom's loving, graceful shift to support her wishes in her last days and his commitment to her children for the rest of his life, Red and Joker decided that they really wanted to share their own commitment with the world. On February 10th, they announced their engagement. I'm currently planning their wedding cake. (The wedding itself was a breeze to plan!)
SexyNurse and Cellophane welcomed their first child on April 19th. BabyJ is cute as a button!
In June, Westley and I teamed up with my in-laws to surprise Mischief with an enormously fun surprise party for her 30th. Irises, irises everywhere! (No easy feat in South Jersey in June.)
Westley and I marked our first anniversary with a vow renewal and mini-reception with our closest friends. Mischief stood in for our officiant and our good friends M@t and Seagoat hosted the party in their backyard in Westampton. I know I said before that we wouldn't have changed a thing, but I kind of lied. These people would have been there from the start. But in some ways, getting to have a party just with them was even better. After all, I never would have grabbed Piscosubito's butt if my mom had been there. We played the same setlist from our wedding, with a little more party music thrown in. When it came time for the Mother/Son & Father/Daughter dances, we told the children to ask their parents to dance. CUTEST THING EVER!
July brought a new love into our lives - our little girl, Murphy. Westley and I spotted her at the Almost Home Animal Shelter booth at the Collingswood Farmer's Market. She is a beautiful Orange tabby with almost tribal markings. Big brother Prufrock is now alternating between protective love and brotherly annoyance. Like Prufrock, Murphy was named for a literary character; in her case, she is the namesake of Karen Murphy of The Dresden Files novels, who is described as "Tiny. But fierce."
I think that's just about all the big stuff. With Westley's diagnosis, we had to re-learn how to eat (again), but we're now both back on the wagon with whole foods and healthy portions, and once again steadily losing weight. Money and employment continue to be a struggle, as they are for pretty much everyone I know. I won't deny that my anxiety and depression are intensifying lately. Still, I keep feeling like good things are all around me if I only remember to look at them. I don't know. Maybe I've started to write my own silver linings playbook.

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